Reasons Behind Addiction

Individuals who gain a sense of happiness and comfort when intoxicated or euphoric due to the consumption of drugs or alcohol are what we can confidently classify as addicts. Each and every person suffering from addiction has got their own reasons and story as to how and why they reached this state in which they … [Read more…]

Yes, You’re Also Entitled to Reward Yourself

My default setting is usually to go, go, go. As such, I usually keep striving and reaching towards the next thing, without taking a moment or two to just enjoy having accomplished a goal. I’m not great at the resting and rejuvenating types of rewards but I’ve got better. A large part of it is … [Read more…]

Sturgeon’s Law and Tri Level Leadership

I read recently of Sturgeon’s Law that states that 90% of anything is crud. Theodore Sturgeon developed his law in arguing against critics who didn’t like science fiction books. His answer defended the best of the science fiction genre. Like anything in life, cream rises to the top and only a few are willing to … [Read more…]

Twelve Indispensable Qualities of Great Achievers

Quality is those distinguished traits that set a person or product apart from the rest. It is those unique things that separate good from bad. The special features that make cars, handsets, machines, expensive than others. Something that add value, worthy, honor to a person. 1. DESIRE: A strong wish to have or do something … [Read more…]

Setting Goals And Using Them To Achieve Success

To have success in life, setting goals is important. Even though it may seem obvious or even easy to do, you would be amazed by the number of people who put it off just because of these facts. The bottom line is that if you want to have success in whatever that you do, you … [Read more…]

Leaders Must Be Optimistic And Courageous

Effective leadership requires a combination of many factors. The greatest of all leaders are positive thinkers, with an optimistic and forward point of view. They search for ways to get things done, rather than reasons they cannot be done. These leaders must possess the courage to dare to do things that others fear, and must … [Read more…]

Leadership and Teamwork

Leadership Leadership is a complex subject and there are many ways a leader can lead. For the sake of simplicity, let’s focus on three key stereotypes: leadership by example, leadership by coordination, and leadership by command. If you are dedicated, good at what you do, and doing it with great style – you are a … [Read more…]

Leadership – 6 Ways to Be a More Effective Risk Taker

Leaders who want to achieve success understand that taking risk is an essential part of achieving results. Risk taking is an area that is challenging for many leaders, especially those who have come from a professional background where minimising or eliminating risk was the focus. So what can leaders do to be more effective risk … [Read more…]