Why Leaders Must Conquer The Budget MAZE

One of the aspects of being an effective leader that many individuals either fear, dread or avoid, is paying necessary and keen attention to maintaining and preserving the highest degree possible of financial and fiscal health for his organization. So much time and effort have been focused on a leader’s need to capably delegate that … [Read more…]

Who is an Internet Addict?

Internet addiction has now become a known addiction. Approximately 6%-10% of online surfers are internet addicts. More than 18 million people worldwide suffer from web addiction. Although some may think that this type of addiction is not as serious as the well known alcohol and drug addictions, but it is. Parents who are internet addicts … [Read more…]

How to Develop Your Leadership Skills

If you are a manager, chances are you may at some point want to step into a leadership role. Making the step from managing to leading is one of the biggest steps that you will make in your career. So what can you do to develop your leadership skills so that you step into the … [Read more…]

Facilitative Leadership – The “Easy Way”

It’s an awesome place to be when we’re with people–a team of people–all pulling together under fun and inspirational leadership. Not all team situations are allowed this quantity of latitude due mainly to variant circumstances that at times demand steep discipline and focus, but a team environment that finds itself occasionally, no, frequently buoyant is … [Read more…]

Great Leaders Overcome Difficulties

There are many traits, qualities, qualifications, training needs, learning, and commitment necessities to become an effective leader. In the past more than three decades, I have dedicated myself to assisting those ascending to, or considering leadership. The well over a thousand individuals have had varying degrees of results, and much of the variance is due … [Read more…]

G-R-O-W Yourself in 2009

Hello everyone and happy 2009! As some of you might know I was recently on television again this year to briefly talk about New Years resolutions and how to create a plan to stick to them. Now personally, as most of you would know from last year’s interview that I uploaded to my homepage, I … [Read more…]

Profound and Practical Leadership Lessons Which Cannot Be Discovered Anywhere Else in the World

Having married this Hebrew people with vows and promises having been made Almighty God instructs Moses, the leader of this people and nation, regarding the construction of the Tabernacle. There are further profound and practical lessons here which you will not find anywhere else in the world. The Designer and Architect of the Tabernacle is … [Read more…]

My Thoughts Out Loud on Addiction

Well my son who has caused me so much turmoil and heart ache has entered rehab this afternoon out of state. He called me last Sunday telling me he had been beat up by his roommate who also is a drunk and drug addict, and goes on drinking binges for days at a time, and … [Read more…]

Setting MY Personal Goals

You can identify a successful person by the company they keep, they mix with others who can give rather than take from their lives, unsuccessful people allow their social circle to keep them at the level of the group. All successful people have a vision of how they want their world; this is the common … [Read more…]